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The proof is in the product: 7300W2 Monitor

Posted by Angus Fosten on March 18, 2015
Effluent Municipal

We caught up with Sales Engineer Dr. Oli Puckering to give his diagnosis on just why the 7300 W2 Monitor is his favourite product within the Partech portfolio:

“It’s the core of the Waterwatch2 range, and in many cases the unsung hero of many of our success stories.”

The ‘plug and play’ abilities of this monitor was also high on his list, with the ability to detect and recognise attached equipment making it a very simple, effective central unit.

“The intuitive menu structure and large buttons make it easy to use in many different situations…especially if you’re at a sewage treatment plant and don’t want to take off your gloves!”

Just one recent example of the 7300 W2 monitor in action within the Waterwatch2 range is implementation of turbidity readings of primary settlement tank outlets for Southern Water, which after trial has now been rolled out across nine sites.

The quiet hero within the Waterwatch2 range, the 7300w2 Monitor is continuously making a difference across the water treatment industry with regards to clear, uncluttered process readings.

These are just some of Oli’s favourite features of the 7300W2 monitor, contact us today.

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