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The proof is in the product: Turbitech sensors

Posted by Angus Fosten on April 8, 2015
TurbiTech Optics

Since learning a little more about Partech’s Purchasing and Planning Controller, Jo Parish, we asked for the inside scoop on what’s popular in the water quality measurement world.

The answer? As if we needed to ask: the Turbitechw2 range within the ever-impressive Waterwatch2 series is visible throughout projects over many different industries, and is a choice product for many clients – and for good reason. Jo says:

“There’s a lot of subtle technology in this smart looking product, especially the self cleaning function.”

She also expanded on the variety of different Turbitechw2 models and their ability to continually provide new opportunities for increased process efficiency, especially in difficult measurement environments; which pleases customers and company alike!

“We’re big fans at Partech HQ, especially the assembly team, they love working with them!”

At Partech, we firmly believe that the proof is in the product. To discover more about what the Waterwatchw2 range can do for you, please get in touch by calling +44 (0) 1726 879800 or contacting [email protected].

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