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The proof is in the products: Micromac C Colorimetric Analyser

Posted by Angus Fosten on May 8, 2015
Proof is in the Product

He’s only two months into his role as Service Engineer and already Paul Deacon has a favourite product from the Partech catalogue. Ah, but which has made such an impression?

Drumroll please…it’s the Micromac C Colorimetric Analyser!

Automatic, around the clock analysis of water samples ranked highly on his list of reasons, and once started, he couldn’t help but reel them off! Here’s a snippet of his praise for the online analyser.

“It’s more accurate than using handheld methods of sample analysis, and the ability to provide readings to a SCADA system for remote monitoring and dosing is especially impressive.”

Multiple chemistry combinations including ammonia, iron, aluminium, phosphate and a ‘nutrient suite’ configuration, partnered with 24 hour a day operation and no need for operator input means that once installed, the Micromac C Colorimetric Analyser is almost completely independent!

As well as supply and installation, the Partech team also service and provide support for colorimetric analyser customers. Contact us to find out how to introduce independent measurement today.

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