About Us

Over the past 53 years Partech Instruments have developed a worldwide client base thanks to our premium products, pragmatic approach and unparalleled level of customer service.

Since Roger Parker created Partech (Electronics) Ltd in 1964, we’ve certainly gone from strength to strength, with national and international accreditation alongside affiliation from leading bodies confirming our place on the world stage of wastewater measurement.

We may be 53 years old, but we have no intentions of slowing down and are certainly looking forward to the next half-century!

Our aims are simple: to provide unrivaled customer support with first-rate, tailored products combining ease of use and cost effectiveness. Our track record with over half a century of successful trading is proof that we are premium and just as importantly, people-focused.

Our reputation for service, support and specialist solutions means we’re so much more than just a name, we’re at the forefront of our industry.


  • 1964 – Founded by Roger Parker
  • 1965 – First Suspended Solids Sensor – (one of the world’s first!)
  • 1970 – Moved to Cornwall from London/Hemel Hempstead
  • 1974 – First Automatic Sludge Blanket Monitor introduced
  • 1980 – Self Cleaning Sensor Solids introduced
  • 1995 – Micro-Processor based product launched
  • 1996 – BS5750/IS09000 accreditation attained
  • 2000 – MBO by Directors
  • 2004 – Purchase of EauxSys to increase product range
  • 2006 – System build capability added
  • 2007 – MCERT Awarded to 7200 Monitor & Turbi-Tech 2000LS Sensor
  • 2010 – WaterWatch² Range launched – 7300w² Monitor with TurbiTechw² LS/LA/HR Sensors & OxyTechw² GAL Sensor
  • 2011 – TurbiTechw² LR & ColTechw² Sensors launched for Drinking Water. WaterTechw² Sensors for EC, pH & REDOX also launched
  • 2012 – MCERT renewed for 7200 Monitor & Turbi-Tech 2000LS Sensor
  • 2013 – Service and Systems Centre established – OxyTechw² RDO Pro-X Sensor replaces OPT
  • 2014 – Partech 50 year anniversary!
  • 2015 – Official move to new purpose-built factory in Higher Bugle
  • 2016 – Partech Export Sales reach 50% of turnover. SoliTechw² IL Sensor added to the WaterWatch² product line.
  • 2017 – Watch this space, new products coming soon!

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