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Using the TurbiTechw² LA and HR Sensors to Measure Suspended Solids

Posted by Angus Fosten on June 17, 2016
TurbiTechw² LA

An Overview of Partech’s Most Popular On-Line Sensors

Continual, accurate Suspended Solids measurement is crucial for monitoring the performance of your aeration and treatment systems, and reacting to changes in water quality and processes quickly.


We strive to make our customers’ lives easier, and their systems as efficient as possible, which is why we focus on accuracy and reliability in our two most popular Suspended Solids sensors:


Why Choose a TurbiTechw² Sensor?

Our range of TurbiTechw² Sensors are fully automated and self-cleaning; a design we have been perfecting since 1980! Once set up and calibrated using our 7300w² monitor these sensors can be set up for short, regular cleaning cycles with no smearing and minimal disturbance to the measuring process (less than 0.5% down-time, in fact!).


The self-clean action is a fantastic and popular feature, that means our customers need not intervene or employ expensive cleaning methods themselves, saving both money and time!


When to Use the TurbiTechw² LA Sensor

The LA (Light Attenuation) Sensor is best used in aeration/water treatment systems to measure Suspended Solid (aka Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids) where the density is expected to be between 2,000 mg/l and 8,000 mg/l.


When to Use the TurbiTechw² HR Sensor?

We recommend to use the HR (High Range) Sensor in wastewater treatment systems due to its shorter path length allowing it to measure MLSS values of between 8,000 mg/l and upto 50,000mg/l.

These 2 different sensors are essential for ensuring our customers get the most accurate results for their individual treatments. Pairing the TurbiTechw² sensors with our 7300w² monitor makes for an extremely efficient self-contained system for your site. Call us today for a product and installation quote!





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