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WaterWatch² range now includes Visible Oil On Water

Posted by Angus Fosten on October 27, 2012
OilTechw² FLT Sensor

OilTechw² FLT Sensor Introduction

The OilTechw² FLT sensor is the latest addition to our WaterWatch² product range, providing a highly sensitive detector for floating, visible oil on water. The sensor is an evolution of the previous generation WaterWatch2920 which has a track record of providing vital protection for drinking water intakes, where oil contamination can cause costly damage to membrane treatment plants and ongoing taste problems. In discharge monitoring the sensor will detect oil spills caused by aircraft de-icing chemicals, car park runoff water and any process where oil is used.

Early warning of a problem allows remedial action to be taken either by automatically shutting down the intake to a process or by raising an alarm calling for manual intervention. The 7300w² Monitor provides alarms that can be interfaced with telemetry equipment or directly to oil dispersant systems or automatic booms and skimmers.

The WaterWatch² range now covers measurements including Dissolved Oxygen, Suspended Solids, Turbidity and Colour for applications in all parts of water, wastewater and industrial effluent processing, these sensors can be combined with the 7300w² using it’s multiparameter, multisensor capabilities.

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