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WWEM-Day: Undercover WWEM Information

Posted by Angus Fosten on September 2, 2016
WWEM 2014

We’ve decided to start our 3-part WWEM-Day installments! The last Wednesday in every month we’re going to release a snippet of information as a teaser for what we have planned for WWEM this Autumn.

Part One starts now: This month’s undercover info is…

A brand new innovative product has been created to replace our MicroMac C system. We’re going to be unveiling this incredible piece of kit live on 2nd November. Need to know? We’ve designed, built and tested it and it ticks off both ease of use and unique design, we can’t wait to showcase it with our customers live at the exhibition!

See you next month for another undercover tidbit of what’s to follow!



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